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The Apocalypse Derby

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In the bible the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ride forth to bring about the end of the world. In my interpretation the riders are in a race, and the horsemen are four of the more prominent tyrants and demagogues in these strange times we live in. 

On the White Horse we have Russian gangster Vladimir Putin as Conquest/Pestilence. On the Red Horse there is Syrian monster Bashar al-Assad as War. On the Black Horse sits North Korean "supreme leader" and part-time sabre-rattler Kim Jong-un as Famine. And finally on the Pale Horse is reality TV star, complete idiot, and US President Donald Trump as Death. (If you think it's harsh to put Trump alongside the other three, think of his Death as the death of reason, of integrity, and of basic human decency.)

Not a day goes by without these men making the world a worse place. Putin tightens his grip on power in Russia whilst ruthlessly crushing dissent. Assad murders his own people daily. Kim uses state money to live a life of luxury and develop nukes while millions of North Koreans live in abject poverty. And Trump is Trump.

Despite the gloomy tone of this painting I'm hopeful that good will prevail before one of more of these people bring about Armageddon. I must also apologise to Turkish autocrat Recep Erdogan, who was definitely given consideration, but was ultimately, in horse racing parlance, a non-runner. 


- Original painting, signed by the artist. Acrylic on canvas. Unframed. 30" x 24"

- Limited Edition (200) giclée fine art A3 print. Signed in pencil, framed and mounted.

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