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Cryptozoological Mr. Men

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This is my tribute to the late, great Roger Hargreaves and his wonderful Mr. Men books for children. When I was a very young boy I actually used to write to him (with the help of my Mum) to request pictures of my favourite Mr. Men. He always sent them, hand-drawn and with a dedication. I wish I still had them.

The subjects in this painting are some of the world's more well-known cryptids (for those unsure, 'cryptozoology' is the study of creatures whose existence or survival is disputed). Most descriptions don't portray them quite as cute and friendly as in this painting, but since no verified sightings have been made of any of them, who knows?


- Original painting, signed by the artist. Acrylic on canvas. Unframed. 30" x 24"

- Limited Edition (200) giclée fine art A3 print. Signed in pencil, framed and mounted.

- Mug, with coloured handle.

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